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EZ-Rect Trimline

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New generation of Boltless Shelving

E-Z-Rect’s Trim-Line boltless shelvingIntroducing E-Z-Rect’s new generation of Trim-Line boltless shelving that is attractively designed, rigid, easy to install and inexpensive.

Trim-Line can handle a wide variety of storage problems including warehouse, retail, record box storage, stationary and office filing systems.

Trim-Line easily meets seismic considerations. Designed for an overall safety factor of 1.66 to 1.

E-Z-Rect’s Trim-Line boltless shelving

If you have a growing business or are starting a new one… our representatives can give you quick and economical solutions to your storage requirements.

Excellent for bin boxes, small parts and bulk storage. Ideal for short or wide span shelving applications. In addition, this versatile shelving can be used for high-rise or multi-level shelving systems.

For all types of retail applications. Trim-Line is suitable for garment and merchandise use in department stores; or, other facilities where items are to be stored, retrieved and shipped. So attractively finished it can be used “up front” in customer display areas, yet it’s also economical and durable for stockroom storage.

E-Z-Rect’s Trim-Line boltless shelvingPerfect for shoe storage on stationary or mobile shelving systems to optimize utilization of space. Simplicity of design allows you to make changes quickly and efficiently without special skills or tools. You can add, remove, adjust or slope shelves quickly without dismantling the entire row.



E-Z-Rect’s Trim-LineTrim-Line is truly adaptable to your changing needs whether for storage of record boxes, computer printouts, binders, hanging files, stationary or any combination. Efficiently stores archival records in single or double depths. With no sway/cross braces you have easy unobstructed access from either side. High-density mobile storage saves valuable floor space and rent while increasing storage capacity.

Options include rollout reference shelves, finished side and back panels, and shelf dividers. Fully adjustable on 1” centers to maximize the number of boxes stored. Choose any combination of width, depth and height to customize your storage area.