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Sliding Mirror Panels

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Custom Sliding Mirror & Panel Doors

Sliding closet doors are the smart alternative to traditional wood doors. Let’s face it – space is scarce in today’s real estate world. With traditional wood doors you have the swing out action to contend with when decorating your room. However with a sliding door, the door simply slides open to enable access to your closet. As a result no space in your room is compromised.

The KingStar brand offers a complete line of easy to install sliding closet doors to match any décor. Whether you’re looking for a stylish framed door or an elegant frameless door, KingStar has the sliding door you’re looking for. Our sliding doors can be made to fit any opening.

Our framed doors come in the choice steel framed, wood framed or aluminum framed. You choose the look that best matches your individual decorating requirement. We have the most extensive selection of frame colours in the market today.

Whether you’re looking to complement your frame color with a mirror insert or a panel insert the choices are limitless.

Like all KingStar products, our sliding doors are built for a lifetime of satisfaction. A quiet, smooth operation is assured on all our sliding doors. They feature our exclusive anti-jump bottom rollers, ensuring the door stays on the track. Our top rolling doors feature a one-piece top track which facilitates a fast and easy installation. Our frameless sliding doors include our unique edge-guard design, which protects the mirror without sacrificing the frameless design of the door.