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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Unfortunately, it can also be a nightmare to keep organized if you don’t have enough space or storage. Whether you have an existing kitchen pantry cabinet that needs organization or would like to install a brand new one, Space Age Shelving & Design offers customized kitchen pantry storage solutions that are ideal for any home.

We specialize in creating pantry and kitchen shelving systems that optimize storage while minimizing clutter, even in small and awkward spaces that may seem unusable. Our innovative designs are seamlessly integrated to enhance the efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, tailored to your unique style and preferences.

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Transform Your Kitchen Pantry with Our Storage Cabinets

Whether you live in a small open-concept condo or a spacious home, the typical basics we store in kitchens tend to be the same. From home chefs to takeout lovers, you need to keep your kitchen organized and efficient. Our kitchen pantry cabinets offer the latest in kitchen innovations focused on maximizing space, kitchen functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The right pantry storage solutions have a transformative effect on your kitchen space, making the most of your cabinets through state-of-the-art organization accessories while taking advantage of unused space for kitchen pantry installation. With the right solutions, you can:

  • Miraculously free up counter space to complete tasks
  • Store everything so it is easy to find
  • Organize each item to avoid those classic mismatched pot and lid catastrophes
  • Eliminate blind spots that make it hard to find your kitchen tools and ingredients

Key Features of Pantry Cabinets

Kitchen pantry storage makes finding the ingredients you need easier, with neat storage shelves designed to accommodate a long grocery list of items. We can accommodate your every need, whether you like to buy in bulk, have a lot of finicky small jars and bottles, or want your pantry to store items, including cooking utensils, small appliances, and more.

Space Age Shelving & Design offers custom pantry storage solutions to improve functionality and accessibility, providing a neat and visually appealing storage space for all your items.

Adjustable Shelves

Pull-Out Drawers

Ample Storage Capacity

Space Optimization

Tailor-Made Pantry Organization

Professional Installation and Customization

Whether you’ve invested money to create your dream kitchen only to find it’s short on storage, or you love your kitchen but hate that you can’t keep it organized, we offer customized kitchen storage solutions to meet your needs.

You can feel confident your project will turn out exactly as you imagined with our experienced designers and expert installation team.

Space Age Shelving & Design offers customization options with the latest kitchen organization accessories, including life-changing options you may not have even known existed. As a result, you can customize right down to the smallest details to meet your individual kitchen and cooking requirements.
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Tailored Designs and Aesthetics

Kitchen organization is an art form for the design experts at Space Age Shelving & Design. We excel in creating stylish kitchen organization tailor-made for your kitchen’s layout and decor scheme.

Professional Installation and Customization of Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Variety of Colours & Finishes

We can match or complement any design style with a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit your preferences, whether you want solid colours, modern washes for wood, or your choice of wood grains.

Variety of Colours & Finishes

Handle and Hardware Variety

Handles and hardware are the jewels of your kitchen, providing a gleam of elegance and helping to break up the monotony of your cabinets and drawers.

We provide a variety of handle and knob finishes to match your kitchen’s unique style. Choose from polished and matte options in matte gold, chrome, brushed chrome, black, matte nickel and graphite


Handle and Hardware Variety

Sustainable and Durable Materials

We understand that today’s homeowners are concerned about the environment and want options that help reduce their carbon footprint. We offer sustainable and durable materials that provide beautiful kitchens that are guilt-free.

Enhancing Kitchen Decor

Our pantry cabinets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, helping to create a functional kitchen that maximizes space and enhances visual appeal. By incorporating our cabinets, you can enjoy a beautiful and efficient kitchen that will increase your home’s value if you decide to sell.

Sustainable and Durable Materials

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When you choose Space Age Shelving & Design, you’re gaining over three decades of experience from a family-owned business committed to quality. We stand behind our work with a lifetime guarantee, offering a team of designers, organizational experts and superior craftspeople who take pride in their work.

We specialize in high-quality Canadian-made materials and offer a free in-home consultations to ensure everything we create is suited to your home, fits your precise measurements and enhances your kitchen to your 100% satisfaction.

You can depend on superior customer service experiences from the first contact until your project is complete. Take the first step to creating an organized kitchen by booking your free consultation here.

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