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If you’re part of the work-from-home revolution, Space Age Shelving & Design can help you create an organized workspace that suits your sense of aesthetics. We offer home office storage solutions whether you have a designated office space or need solutions for a multipurpose space.

With modern workspace organization from Space Age Shelving & Design, you can keep your workspace organized to improve productivity, efficiency and focus while ensuring your work doesn’t infringe on your living space and contribute to stress.

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Custom Workspace Storage Solutions

Home offices vary greatly based on the size of your home, whether you have a designated room or a small multipurpose workspace. Regardless of your situation, Space Age Shelving & Design specializes in custom workspace storage solutions to suit your needs, including:

Custom-Built Office Desks

Office Storage Cabinets

Office Storage Closets

Library Storage Cabinets

Office Cupboards

Wooden File Cabinets

Colours for Your Workspace Aesthetics

Your home workspace should seamlessly blend with your overall living space and reflect your unique sense of style. Whether you’re setting up a dedicated home office or integrating workspace solutions into shared living areas, we provide a diverse range of colours and finishes to cater to your customized storage needs.

From our selection of base colours, you can opt for wood grain finishes available in various tones, spanning from light and contemporary to timeless and luxurious. For door and drawer faces, add an attractive accent with our Mixology colours, which encompass neutrals like white, black, and grey, as well as modern shades of green and blue.

Furthermore, you have the option to combine wood grain and solid colours, allowing you to design your storage solutions to harmonize seamlessly with the aesthetics of your workspace.

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Why You Need an Organized Workspace

An organized workspace is essential when you work from home. Whether your remote work is occasional, part-time, or full-time, an untidy home workplace can be challenging to avoid, contributing to stress and distracting you from your tasks.

An organized workspace offers numerous benefits, including:


A clutter-free, tidy workspace positively impacts your mental health. It helps declutter your mind and keeps your thoughts organized. An organized workspace can reduce work-related stress by eliminating the constant reminder of an unmanageable workload, enabling you to relax more effectively at home.

Focus and Productivity

Organized workspaces provide a clean slate to start your day, removing distractions that can hinder your focus and concentration. When your focus improves, so does your productivity. A clear mind leads to better quality work and results in less time spent fixing errors.

Mood and Attitude

Working from home can affect your mood and attitude toward your job. A more professional and organized workspace is less likely to trigger negative feelings. An organized workspace is clean and comfortable, fostering a more positive attitude. Messiness can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, while tidiness creates a positive environment and mindset.

Home Office Storage: The Space Age Shelving & Design Difference

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering quality home office storage solutions. At Space Age Shelving & Design, we set ourselves apart with a commitment to quality in everything we do. From our dedicated customer service to the high quality of the products we provide and superior installation, your satisfaction is our top concern.

Since 1987, we have been leaders in customized storage solutions, meticulously selecting the most trustworthy, high-quality storage lines in the industry. As a result, we consistently provide beautiful, functional, and durable storage solutions for your home.


With complete customization, you can choose from a range of quality materials, hardware, and colours to create a unique look that complements any design scheme.

You can have confidence that our installations and products will be executed flawlessly, backed by our guarantee to help you better organize your life and a lifetime warranty to stand behind our work and materials.*

Exceptional Quality

We offer the same level of quality that we would want in our own homes, combining expertise in design and installation to meet your needs.

Our one-on-one personalized design consultants demonstrate how much we care about your requirements, and our installers respect your home while they work. Together, we deliver unmatched experiences that prioritize quality, integrity, and honesty for exceptional end-to-end customer experiences.

Personalized Customer Service

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end at the service we provide. All of the design and installation experts at Space Age Shelving & Design are committed to providing superior customer service, from the first in-home consultation to the final installation and beyond. We take your concerns seriously and won’t consider a project complete until you’re 100% satisfied.

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Let us assist you in creating a beautiful, comfortable, and organized workspace that seamlessly aligns with your sense of aesthetics.

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*Organizers Direct Industries provides a Lifetime Warranty on all cabinetry. If a cabinetry product ever fails during normal use, we replace it free of charge. Period.

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