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With Space Age Shelving and Design it’s possible to increase workspace storage efficiency with well designed, creative storage solutions. We utilize high end materials in order to turn your home office, library, or basement into a more comfortable space. Call or contact us to get started today.

Home Office

Our custom storage solutions create a balanced, productive, and stylish working environment. Whether your space is individual, shared, open, or closed we have the designs, lighting, hardware, and everything else needed to bring your workspace some much needed harmony.

Craft / Hobby Room

A craft/hobby room is a great place to get creative, express your individuality, and let the kids have some fun! Having things properly stored and easily accessible can help keep the mess organized and make clean up easier than ever.


The library is a great place to relax, read, and get some needed work done. A sophisticated shelving unit that is tailored to your specific aesthetic creates a serene space with your best interests in mind.


Basements can serve multiple functions in a home storage area, game room, bar, and more are perfect for utilizing the space below. With our designs, we can personalize your basement to perfectly match what you’re looking for.

Custom Closet Doors

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