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Since 1987, Space Age Shelving & Design has been a trusted, family-owned provider of personalized storage solutions. From custom closets in Milton to meticulously tailored organizational solutions, we offer practical and beautifully designed options to meet your unique needs.

Our team of skilled designers excels at optimizing space, enhancing functionality, and maximizing every square inch of your home with innovative storage solutions. Whether you’re looking to revamp your home office, upgrade closets in your Milton condo, optimize your walk-in closet space, or add customized shelving and cabinetry to elevate your living room’s aesthetic, we’re here to help.

With a blend of creativity, expertise, and craftsmanship, we’ll develop a tailored plan and execute an installation that delivers exquisitely crafted storage solutions for your Milton residence.

Our Guarantee to Milton Residents

In Milton, we stand by our custom storage solutions with an unwavering lifetime guarantee. Recognizing the paramount importance of delivering excellence, we prioritize using premium materials and craftsmanship to exceed the expectations of our discerning Milton clientele.

To ensure unparalleled quality, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of exclusive Canadian manufacturers, ensuring the exceptional craftsmanship of your custom storage project. Our expertise lies in the art of space optimization, meticulously measuring every detail to achieve a flawless fit and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Space Age Shelving & Design: Custom Closets Milton

Whether you’re in need of personalized closets in Milton or seeking simpler solutions like custom garage shelving, we provide a comprehensive range of storage options tailored to fulfil your requirements, including:

Closet Organizers Milton

Catering to the diverse storage needs of our customers, we provide a spectrum of options that can be tailored to fashion a personalized storage solution. Whether you seek additional closet storage, wall-mounted solutions, or built-in arrangements, we are adept at assisting you in discovering the ideal combination of options to optimize and fulfill your storage space requirements.

Workspace Organization

In the era of remote work, the challenge of limited space for a home office is prevalent. Our expertise lies in discovering workspace storage solutions that maximize your available space, establishing a comfortable and productive home office environment without compromising your living space.

Living Room, Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms

No matter if you’re finishing your basement, arranging a home theater, or just aiming for tidy electronics, we’re experts in tailoring solutions for all your entertainment requirements.

Moreover, we offer built-in choices that resemble a personalized armoire or cabinet when shut, effortlessly evolving into a cutting-edge entertainment hub when you’re ready to enjoy your cherished movies, games, and series.

Garage Storage

While your garage holds great storage potential, disorganization may hinder its effectiveness in meeting your needs. Our comprehensive selection includes a variety of shelving, cabinets, racks, hooks, and more, all designed to enhance organization and optimize your garage space.

Kitchen Pantries

Maximize your kitchen’s storage potential with Space Age Shelving & Design’s customized pantry solutions. Our team can create seamless designs that optimize storage and minimize clutter. Let us elevate the efficiency, function, and beauty of your kitchen with personalized solutions tailored to your unique style.

Unmatched Custom Shelving in Milton

From the moment we welcomed our first customers, we recognized the significance of offering premium, exclusive brands crafted by Canadian industry-leading manufacturers. This commitment ensures that our selection of storage products and custom shelving in Milton is unrivalled.

By meticulously curating the finest options in each category, we guarantee that you’ll discover the precise storage solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that every area of your home is equipped with the perfect solution.

Organizers Direct

Organizers Direct Industries provides permanent solutions for every room in the house, backed with a lifetime warranty. Whether you are organizing a walk-in closet, pantry, workspace, mudroom, or something unique to your home, this premium storage solution is customized with doors, drawers, shelves, lighting, accessories, colours, wood grains, and more.

ClosetMaid® Wire Shelving

ClosetMaid® Wire Shelving is the original custom closet organization solution with 30 years of shelving design experience. With over 17 styles and widths available, you can create an organized system that resolves your storage problems simply and affordably.

ClosetMaid® ExpressShelf

This pre-finished shelf and rod system provides an efficient and affordable alternative for closet organization, perfect for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, and more. They can be mixed and matched with wire shelving for precise customization to optimize limited closet space.

E-Z-Rect’s Trim-Line

This boltless shelving is sturdy, attractive, and affordable, designed to tackle a wide variety of storage problems, especially for your home office or business needs.

The Incredible Benefits of Effective Storage

Clutter can significantly contribute to stress in our lives. For those leading busy lifestyles, maintaining a tidy home becomes challenging, resulting in a constant atmosphere of disorder that impedes relaxation. However, when it’s easier to maintain a clutter-free home it promotes a calm mind and enhances overall well-being.

Therefore, the solution lies in effective organization through purposeful storage. This not only minimizes clutter but also ensures efficient storage solutions for every corner of your home, providing designated spaces for quick access to essentials.

Whether it’s addressing limited closet space with a well-designed wardrobe, adding extra cabinets in the kitchen for a clutter-free countertop, or organizing a home office to alleviate reminders of a busy schedule, effective storage solutions offer peace of mind.

Moreover, the benefits of home storage extend beyond clutter reduction; they can elevate your quality of life. Investing in aesthetically pleasing built-in storage not only keeps your home organized but also transforms living spaces into sanctuaries where comfort and pampering take center stage.

Envision the luxury of a breathtaking dressing room adorned with a glass cabinet, floor-to-ceiling customized cabinets, shoe racks, accessory drawers, and open shelving, transforming your daily routine into a delightful experience.

Alternatively, opt for the simplicity of a meticulously organized walk-in closet that maximizes every inch of space, streamlining your morning routine for effortless preparation. Consider the elegance of custom-built cabinets for your finished basement, living room, or office, or indulge in customized open shelving to showcase your imported cookware in the kitchen.

Irrespective of your budget or requirements, our tailored customization resolves storage dilemmas while enhancing the value of your home and fostering a serene, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you seek organizational solutions or aspire to elevate your living space for relaxation, Space Age Shelving & Design offers bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

Contact us today to arrange a free, in-home consultation and uncover top-notch storage solutions and custom closets in Milton.

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